Welcome to PCS 1003: Social Justice and Ethics

This course explores issues and theologies of social justice and ethics that build a just society; reflects on the scriptural foundations of Catholic social teaching, and examines the social and moral teachings of the Roman Catholic Church in light of concrete issues such as human rights, refugees, peace-building, war, violence, discrimination, environmental degradation, economic exploitation, reproductive rights, racism, sexism, and homophobia.

The core texts for this course are Scriptural foundations of Catholic social teaching:

Living Justice: Catholic Social Teaching in Action by Thomas Massaro, 2015

Online ResourceUnited States Conference of Catholic Bishops

Online Resource:  Catholic Social Teaching Call Conscience

In addition to the core text, a variety of resources will be introduced during the course to supplement a particular topic.

This course is offered as an independent study or in a cohort model. Cohorts use a blog format (Blogger) to foster an interactive learning community. Students post assignments and are encouraged to comment on each other’s posts.

Students complete six short, one page, reflection papers on each topic and one final culmination paper of 3-5 pages in length.

Through the reflection papers, students address the creation of new sacramental paradigms that celebrate embodiment and encompass the extravagant love of body, mind and heart that reflects fresh meaning to sacramental practices.

Six Reflection Papers:

1. Human Rights, Refugees and Migrants

2. Reproductive Rights, sexual abuse/harassment, trafficking

3. Peace-building: war, violence,

4. Discrimination: racism, sexism and homophobia:

5. Environmental Justice

6. Economic Exploitation

Dr. Janice Sevre Duszynska DMin., ARCWP is the course facilitator for this on-line course. She is available to you throughout the course through email at peoplescatholicseminary@gmail.com

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