Welcome to PCS 401: Sacraments in the 21st Century: Sacred Heritage and New Story

This course presents sacramental development throughout history and the ongoing development of both theologies and rites. The history exposes how church fathers and scholastic theologians misinterpreted ancient texts to prove Catholic doctrine. The course introduces critical analysis of sacramental theologies that no longer meet the needs of contemporary Catholics and reimagines sacramental experiences and rituals in a diversified global church.

The core text for this course is Deconstructing Sacramental Theology and Reconstructing Catholic Ritual by Joseph Martos. Drawing upon his decades-long study of the sacraments, Martos reveals how teachings that seemed rooted in the scriptures and Catholic life have become unmoored from the contexts in which they arose, and why seemingly eternal truths are actually historically relative. He concludes, “Medieval Catholic theology of sacraments, although plausible in its day, is no longer acceptable.”
In addition to the core text, a variety of resources will be introduced during the course to supplement a particular topic.

On-line course is provided as an independent study or in a cohort when available.

Dr. Bridget Mary Meehan and Dr. Mary Theresa Streck are the facilitators of this on-line course. They are available to you through out the course through email at peoplescatholicseminary@gmail.com

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