Welcome to PCS 1005 – Reshaping the Priesthood as a Discipleship of Equals

This course examines the role of the international Roman Catholic Women Priests’ Movement in reshaping and redefining priestly and pastoral ministry as a discipleship of equals in the 21st century.

The primary text for this course is Women Find a Way (2008) by Elsie McGrath of RCWP , Bridget Mary Meehan of ARCWP, and Ida Raming of RCWP  and other internet resources.

In addition to the core text, a variety of resources will be introduced during the course to supplement a particular topic.

This course uses a blog format (Blogger), to foster an interactive learning community. Students post their assignments and are encouraged to comment on each other’s posts.

Through their reading of the text, research on articles and YouTube videos as well as conversations with women priests and members of their communities, students write a focus paper on the following:

1. What are the primary characteristics of the movement?

2. What are the accomplishments and growing edges?

3. What impact do inclusive communities, led by women priests, have on church reform now?

4. How has the Vatican responded to women priests? Do you envision future acceptance? Why? Why not?

5. What predictions do you have about long-range impact of movement on justice and equality for women in the church?

6. In what ways do women priests’ led liturgies and homilies reflect shifts in theology and ecclesiology? If so, describe.

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Dr. Bridget Mary Meehan and Dr. Mary Theresa Streck are the course facilitators for this on-line course. They are available to you throughout the course through email at peoplescatholicseminary@gmail.com.

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