PCS 101: Introduction to Contemporary Theology

PCS 201: Rediscovering Jesus in a Companionship of Empowerment

PCS 301: Spiritual Encounters with Women Mystics in the 21st Century

PCS 302: Feminist Introduction to the Bible- Hebrew Scriptures

PCS 303: Feminist Introduction to the Bible- Christian Scriptures

PCS 304: Praying with Women in Ministry in the Early Church


Women Christianity

PCS 306: Introduction to Christian Feminism


PCS 401: Sacraments


PCS 501: Eucharist: Embracing an Open Table

PCS 601: Baptism & Confirmation

PCS 701: Marriage, Sexuality & Just Love


PCS 801: Reconciliation

Divine Healing

PCS 901: Anointing of the Sick

Space scene

PCS 1001: Future Church: Evolving, Empowering and Egalitarian


PCS 1002: Homiletics and Preaching


PCS 1003: Social Justice and Ethics

Course 1004

PCS 1004: Spirituality of Art

Course 1005

PCS 1005: Reshaping the Priesthood as a Discipleship of Equals

Course 1006

PCS 1006: Spiritual Direction: Spiritual Companions on a Journey