PCS 509 – The Secret Revelation of John – New Cohort begins Thursday, September 7 at 7PM EDT

PCS 509 –  The Secret Revelation of John

 Presented by Dr. Shirley Paulson

New cohort begins Thursday, September 7, 2023 at 7 pm EDT,

meeting every other week and ends on November 16.


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Why is the Secret Revelation of John so Important?

This ancient text, a rather new discovery from Nag Hammadi, Egypt, was probably the best known in antiquity and most the important in the entire collection of 52 manuscripts. It is the first Christian text to give a full narrative of the nature of God, the origin of the world, and human salvation. It expands our view of the Christian savior(s), both male and female.


Although it was written sometime in the 100s at a time when Jesus’s followers were facing devastating defeats and the threat of annihilation, readers today find it is a powerful message of hope and healing. Even with a good English translation, the book is hard to follow without a guide. It is deep, complex, and full of allusions to second-century culture. But in this course, you will feel the way this book speaks through the ages with its gems of healing wisdom.


We may speculate as to why its example of egalitarianism, healing, and freedom might have been suppressed by the church centuries later.