Welcome to PCS 306 – Introduction to Christian Feminism

This course explores “Women Christianity” from a historical perspective, following the story from biblical times to the present day. Women are the “elephant in the Roman Catholic Church.” They have been perpetually silenced, ignored and discounted. If the Church is to survive, it is evident that it must be a more inclusive Church where the gifts of women and men are equally recognized, and where the present understanding of ordination is transformed from the bottom up.

The Elephant in the Church by Mary T. Malone
Secondary Text: What About Me? Women and the Catholic Church by Sharon Tighe-Mooney

This course is offered as an independent study or in a cohort model. Cohorts meet in person or use an on-line blog format (Blogger) to foster an interactive learning community.

Session 1:
Women and Monasticism in the Fourth Century
The Medieval Women
Session 2:
The Beguines- Mechtilde of Magdeburg
Lone Mystics: Julian of Norwich and Catherine of Siena
Session 3:
Women and Mission
The Marian Influence
Session 4:
The Sixties: Vatican 11 and Feminism
Session 5:
The Once and Future Church

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Dr. Bridget Mary Meehan and Dr. Mary Theresa Streck are the course facilitators for this on-line course. They are available to you throughout the course through email at peoplescatholicseminary@gmail.com

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