Welcome to PCS 1001. Future Church: Evolving, Empowering and Egalitarian

The course introduces a visionary framework for understanding the evolution of religions and specifically the transitions that continue to evolve in Christianity. Paul Smith, author of Integral Christianity introduces the integral approach that Jesus advocated in his time and that traditional Christianity has been unable to see. This course invites participants to analyze this framework and apply it to the present evolving changes occurring in Christianity, specifically the Roman Catholic Church.

The main resource for this course is

Integral Christianity (2011) by Paul R. Smith

Other Resources:

Can We Save the Church? by Hans Küng

What About Me? Women in the Catholic Church by Sharon Tighe-Mooney

In addition to the core texts, a variety of resources will be introduced during the course to supplement a particular topic.

The course is divided into six sessions over 12 weeks. Each session is two weeks in length. During the first week, participants listen to or read the resources. In the second week, participants write a reflection based on the questions in each assignment. This is an interactive experience and participants are encouraged to read and respond to each other’s inspired words.

In six short reflection papers participants record the most significant insights and challenges encountered in

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Dr. Bridget Mary Meehan and Dr. Mary Theresa Streck are the course facilitators for this on-line course. They are available to you throughout the course through email at peoplescatholicseminary@gmail.com.

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